E-mail Integration

e-Mail systems have evolved to become central communication platforms, but are not suitable for handling large quantities of data or for managing these over a period of years. Companies are having to battle with overflowing inboxes and poor system performance. Integrating your
e-mail system into your ELO Electronic Document Management System can be the solution for this problem.

ELO + e-mail = quickly and comprehensively informed

ELO archives the text of the e-mails, their attachments and the index data in a powerful SQL database. The user can benefit from efficient search mechanisms at any time while using the e-mail system to access the archived documents and data.

  • Besides taking the load off the e-mail database, the benefit involves having centralised and quick access to content which is urgently needed within a team or project.
  • Groups and user rights are also displayed.
  • In addition to this, ELO’s own graphical workflow can be used for internal process flows.

E-MAil Intergration

The ELO workflow functions as a convenient controlling component for the e-mail platform, allowing users to continue handling their process status via the familiar e-mail system.

Save costs through intelligent document archiving

At the moment, server document storage space is generating high costs for larger systems. These can be avoided by using automated, server-based e-mail archiving:

  • Attachments from e-mails are automatically separated, archived and replaced by a link.
  • This is fully transparent for the users.
  • Furthermore, an automated duplicate check ensures that documents are not archived several times, thereby taking up expensive document storage space.
  • A powerful replication component ensures that ELO can also be divided up along the lines of an e-mail server if needed. Powerful e-Mail integrations are available for all well-known e-Mail Systems like Exchange and Notes.

Powerful e-mail integrations are available for all well-known e-mail systems such as Exchange and Notes.

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