ELO Digital Office wins Europe-wide ECM bid

Stuttgart, 27th November, 2018 – Kommunale IT-UNION eG (KITU) opts for ELO ECM Suite

In late October, ELO Digital Office was announced the winner of the Europe-wide bid tendered by KID Magdeburg, service provider to Kommunale IT-UNION eG (KITU). Offering sophisticated technical solutions and excellent value for money, the ECM suite and ELO Public Sector launched the manufacturer of software for enterprise content management (ECM) to the top of the list of the more than 60 members of KITU. ELO and ELO Business Partner Bechtle Systemhaus Magdeburg, responsible for the technical realisation of the project, also made a convincing team. Both Bechtle Competence Centre DMS and KITU Consulting will assist in implementing the software.

Until now, the members of KITU have primarily worked using paper-based processes. With ELO ECM Suite and ELO Public Sector, they now have a system for database-aided document management that will help optimize their workflows. Closely involved in the year-and-a-half-long bid process, they made sure the software they selected met their concrete requirements. Now, they have a complete package including planning and design support, with the first projects already planned for January 2019. The ECM system will be implemented tailored to municipal procedures.

“We are pleased to welcome KITU as a new customer in the public sector. Seamless integration of our ECM suite with electronic records solution ELO Public Sector ensures compliance with statutory regulations and other requirements for digital documents and workflows,” explains Karl Heinz Mosbach, CEO of ELO Digital Office.

With its wide range of functions, ELO ECM Suite is ideal for use in public administration organizations of all sizes. Besides revision-controlled archiving, it also covers automated mail processing, automated workflows, as well as components for collaborating on documents and intelligent data analysis. ELO ECM Suite is platform-independent with multi-tenant and cluster capabilities, making the software extremely reliable while ensuring security and data protection. The software can be integrated into third-party systems for various procedures, keeping information flowing across systems.


About Kommunale IT-UNION eG (KITU)

Founded in the first half of 2010, Kommunale IT-UNION eG (KITU) is an organization enabling collaboration among municipalities in the area of IT. Originally founded by the state capital of Magdeburg, the municipality of Barleben, and KID Magdeburg GmbH, the association now has over 60 members including administrative districts, cities, and municipalities, as well as three wastewater associations across the German state of Saxony-Anhalt. KITU provides comprehensive support to all members, ensuring efficient supply of IT services with its cooperative business approach.

Additional information: www.kitu-genossenschaft.de


About ELO Digital Office GmbH

ELO Digital Office GmbH develops high-performance software that allows companies to take a holistic approach to managing information. Based on its three product lines ELOoffice, ELOprofessional, and ELOenterprise, ELO Digital Office offers solutions for organizations of all sizes and industries. The Stuttgart-based company emerged as a spin-off from the Louis Leitz group of companies in 1998, two years after the ELO brand was established, and is headed by Karl Heinz Mosbach and Matthias Thiele. The company's branch offices in Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Australia have over 580 employees, about 290 of whom are based in Germany. ELO Digital Office maintains a dense network of system partners as well as numerous technological partnerships with software and hardware manufacturers such as Microsoft, SAP, and IBM.

Additional information: www.elo.com


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