ELO Australia launches TRIM conversion tool

ELO Australia has announced the successful launch of its new TRIM migration tool. This development – lead by Australian resources - will now give an opportunity for organisations to migrate from their legacy EDRMS to ELO’s VERS compliant Records Management platform.

“Our newly developed conversion tool finally breaks down a significant barrier for those organisations looking to switch to another EDRMS” said Mr. Rainer Krause, Managing director of ELO Australia. “For example, one of our more recent clients approached me looking to transition from their legacy EDRMS to ELO. The customer - being a healthcare provider - simply couldn’t afford any unnecessary down time. ELO stepped up to the challenge and successfully developed and tested the conversion tool in response.”

Lengthy down times and institutional inertia to change have often been significant barriers to overcome for EDRMS developers. Organisations that have in the past adopted an EDRMS system have often been locked into tightly controlled software eco-systems, often with specialised hardware. In contrast ELO’s approach has been to stay platform agnostic which has allowed the EDRMS developers to access a wider variety of organisations not normally inclined to transition from paper to digital.

Mr. Ramanathan Veeraraghavan, Head of Development at ELO Australia said “Our design philosophy has always been to create real solutions for our clients and not to impose cumbersome processes onto them. We don’t believe in creating proprietary file formats that lock people into our way of doing things. I believe that ELO stands out on its own merits – no gimmicks or tricks. And if our clients require improvements of open architecture, we are there for them. We always strive to be better.” 

Mr. Krause closed, “With all things being equal, what this conversion tool provides is an avenue for any organisation looking to move away from their current system to ELO. We’re giving people a real choice and I’m very proud of that – and my team of course.”

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