Sarina Russo Recruits Toshiba/ELO

Sarina Russo Group (SRG), the largest Australian-owned jobactive provider has chosen Toshiba Australia and ELO Digital Office as its Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system supplier. After winning a major federal government tender triggering expansion from 28 to 

93 sites, SRG required a flexible solution that supported accuracy and compliance. ELO was the natural fit.       

“The vast scalability of the ELO ECM system was a standout for us in selecting a supplier,” said Andrew Neil, Group Credit Manager at SRG. “As a result of this tender, our staffing levels and job seeker processing will significantly increase. We can expand knowing our ECM system will evolve with our requirements.”     

ELO’s Managing Director, Rainer Krause added, “SRG is growing almost three-fold, and potentially tripling their volume of work. But, our ECM system will minimise the impact on SRG’s business processes with its intuitive capabilities.”

Toshiba/ELO has implemented a comprehensive document management system to reduce staff time spent processing and approving job-related documents; monitoring document versions; and searching for documents. 

The new system will not only decrease the time and expenses consumed by recalling archive boxes, but also the space utilized to store the boxes offsite. Hard copy printing will drop dramatically with an expected saving of 40%, further supporting SRG to become an environment of less paper.  

“The ELO ECM system will focus on automating existing workflows of SRG’s administration processes and student admissions, which will lead to higher accuracy, efficiency, and in turn, productivity,” said Seth Butcher, National Solutions Manager at Toshiba Australia.  

“For instance, implementation of an accounts payable workflow can minimise the need for an increased head count caused by SRG’s business growth.” 

“The Sarina Russo Group is a perfect example of how ELO’s ECM solution can be maximised to bring multiple benefits to a large organisation and its staff – wherever they are.”


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