ELO Digital Office wins Europe-wide ECM bid

Stuttgart, 27th November, 2018 – Kommunale IT-UNION eG (KITU) opts for ELO ECM Suite

In late October, ELO Digital Office was announced the winner of the Europe-wide bid tendered by KID Magdeburg, service provider to Kommunale IT-UNION eG (KITU). Offering sophisticated technical solutions and excellent value for money, the ECM suite and ELO Public Sector launched the manufacturer of software for enterprise content management (ECM) to the top of the list of the more than 60 members of KITU. ELO and ELO Business Partner Bechtle Systemhaus Magdeburg, responsible for the technical realisation of the project, also made a convincing team. Both Bechtle Competence Centre DMS and KITU Consulting will assist in implementing the software.

Until now, the members of KITU have primarily worked using paper-based processes. With ELO ECM Suite and ELO Public Sector, they now have a system for database-aided document management that will help optimize their workflows. Closely involved in the year-and-a-half-long bid process, they made sure the software they selected met their concrete requirements. Now, they have a complete package including planning and design support, with the first projects already planned for January 2019. The ECM system will be implemented tailored to municipal procedures.

“We are pleased to welcome KITU as a new customer in the public sector. Seamless integration of our ECM suite with electronic records solution ELO Public Sector ensures compliance with statutory regulations and other requirements for digital documents and workflows,” explains Karl Heinz Mosbach, CEO of ELO Digital Office.

With its wide range of functions, ELO ECM Suite is ideal for use in public administration organizations of all sizes. Besides revision-controlled archiving, it also covers automated mail processing, automated workflows, as well as components for collaborating on documents and intelligent data analysis. ELO ECM Suite is platform-independent with multi-tenant and cluster capabilities, making the software extremely reliable while ensuring security and data protection. The software can be integrated into third-party systems for various procedures, keeping information flowing across systems.


About Kommunale IT-UNION eG (KITU)

Founded in the first half of 2010, Kommunale IT-UNION eG (KITU) is an organization enabling collaboration among municipalities in the area of IT. Originally founded by the state capital of Magdeburg, the municipality of Barleben, and KID Magdeburg GmbH, the association now has over 60 members including administrative districts, cities, and municipalities, as well as three wastewater associations across the German state of Saxony-Anhalt. KITU provides comprehensive support to all members, ensuring efficient supply of IT services with its cooperative business approach.

Additional information: www.kitu-genossenschaft.de


About ELO Digital Office GmbH

ELO Digital Office GmbH develops high-performance software that allows companies to take a holistic approach to managing information. Based on its three product lines ELOoffice, ELOprofessional, and ELOenterprise, ELO Digital Office offers solutions for organizations of all sizes and industries. The Stuttgart-based company emerged as a spin-off from the Louis Leitz group of companies in 1998, two years after the ELO brand was established, and is headed by Karl Heinz Mosbach and Matthias Thiele. The company's branch offices in Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Australia have over 580 employees, about 290 of whom are based in Germany. ELO Digital Office maintains a dense network of system partners as well as numerous technological partnerships with software and hardware manufacturers such as Microsoft, SAP, and IBM.

Additional information: www.elo.com


IIM elects ELO’s Managing Director Rainer Krause to the executive board

23/11/2017, Sydney  - The Institute of Information Management of Australia (IIM), a peak organisation of the information management industry, has unanimously elected ELO Managing Director, Mr. Rainer Krause as a Board Member and Director at IIM’s Annual General Meeting held on the 22 November 2017.

“The nomination and election humbles me and would not have been possible without the hard work that my team in Sydney, Sri Lanka, Melbourne and Perth performs on a daily basis. Their individual efforts as well as the team’s dedication allowed us to stand out in a very competitive market and I accept this position on behalf of the entire ELO team” said ELO’s Managing Director, Rainer Krause.

Mr. Krause election to the IIM board has come at a time as the organisation has experienced record growth and prosperity. He emphasised the need to continue the momentum built in the years prior with bigger and more frequent conferences and industry events.


“Rainer brings with him decades of vendor experience to IIM and we look forward to tapping into that experience to grow IIM’s membership base and build our reputation industry wide. I have no doubt that he will make significant contributions as time goes on.” Said Vladimir Videnovic, President of the IIM 

ELO Australia launches “Council Edition”

ELO Australia has today announced the launch of its much anticipated “ELO Council Edition”. Specifically developed for small and medium sized councils the dedicated ELO Edition has been designed to tackle common scenarios Local Government administrations face. The software has also been embedded with the “Keyword for Council” for seamless transition.

“Together with our customers and partners, I believe that ELO has created a fast and easy to deploy system that every council can afford” said Mr. Rainer Krause, Managing Director of ELO Australia. “With ELO Council Edition, our customers will not only received a sophisticated EDRMS, but will also gain a fast return on investment due to our ”best practice” implementation approach”.

ELO Council Edition has been developed around a modular concept, it allowing customers to pick and choose what is suitable for them based on their unique circumstances.

“Modular design is something that we wanted to build on from the start” said Mr. Venkat Kedharanathan, ELO Senior Government Consultant. “Our experiences with a number of Councils presented us with variables such as compliance, number of users, facilities, processes and workflows to name a few. ELO Council Edition had to handle everything that was thrown at it, I’m proud to say that it does”.

ELO Council Edition starts with the VERS compliant ELO’s EDRMS as a base and allows for the addition of modules such as ‘Correspondence Management’, ‘Facility and Event’s Management” and “Council Meetings & Agendas’, dependent on individual Council’s needs and requirements.

Mr. Rainer Krause closed by saying “We’re confident that ELO Council Edition is a fantastic addition to the ELO software suite. ELO Council Edition is unique because it can grow with the needs of any Council that adopts it and will provide a platform for Councils to better deliver local services to their constituents.”


InfocentriK Join ELO in Partnership

 ELO has announced that New Zealand based EDRMS supplier and information consultancy specialists, InfocentriK has formally joined ELO’s certified business partner network.

“We’re proud to welcome one of NZ’s leading providers of information consultancy into our network of certified business partners” said Rainer Krause, Managing Director of ELO Asia-Pacific. “Partnering with this esteemed service provider in NZ opens up significant mutual opportunities. For instance, InfocentriK can now offer a modern, open architecture based, award winning EDRMS that is compliant with government regulations. And we have access to a deeper client base that is desperately in need of powerful tools like ELO.”

Following the completion of ELO’s certification training InfocentriK is now certified to provide installation and professional administration services for ELOprofessional and ELOenterprise electronic documents and records management systems. Some of the key features of the ELO EDRMS’s include:

·         User-friendly multi-client  deployment

·         CAPEX or OPEX offers deployed on-site or in the cloud.

·         Open architecture based software

·         Seamless document capture

·         Comprehensive document collaboration tools

·         Electronic and automated workflow functionality

·         Powerful document search and reporting tools

“Partnering with ELO has given our company another unique selling point in our local NZ market” said Chris Ewers, Director of Operation for InfocentriK “Looking at the potential of ELO, there is a huge amount of opportunity to help local organisations improve efficiency through digital transformation. Best of all, as a certified partner we can offer the ELO product suite as an outright purchase or through subscription. This allows our customers to benefit according to their means and not their wallet. New Zealand is a relatively small market and we needed a scalable system – ELO and Infocentrik just deliver what this market was looking for.”

Mr. Krause concluded “there is no sign of the market demand for modern EDRMS technology waning, in fact quite the opposite, together with InfocentriK, we’ll be able to offer a strong product and service range to organisations that decide to make the journey towards digital transition. Truly, a win-win for everyone involved especially our potential clients”.

About InfocentriK:

InfocentriK are a New Zealand owned and operated service oriented company, specialising in Information Management consultancy and world-class Electronic Document and Records Management Systems. InfocentriK provides professional, independent and practical advice, maximising the out-of-the-box capabilities of their product offerings. 

About ELO Digital Office:

ELO Digital Office develops and distributes high performance software solutions for document management, records management, digital archiving and workflow management. ELO Digital has undergone high growth, so that it now ranks as one of the world’s leading ECM/DMS software developers. The company actively cultivates numerous technology partnerships with providers including Toshiba, AMS-Imaging, Microsoft, Samsung, Kodak and many more. The ELO product range fulfils DMS/ECM system requirements and provides an ideal platform for efficient knowledge and information management.

The high-end product ELOenterprise, offers a high performance, platform independent, scalable high-end solution, particularly suitable for data centres and portal applications. All of ELO’s products are compatible with one another and allow data transfer or updates to be carried out at any time. Due to the scalability of ELO Digital products they are utilised by a wide range of companies, of varying sizes and within numerous different sectors.

With customers on all levels of Government as well as customers such as Greater Metropolitan Cemetery Trust, Baiada Poultry, Australia, Taronga Zoo, Remondis, Newcastle Airport, Australian Institute of Marine Science, Lufthansa, BMW, Airbus,, Airbus, Alcatel, Goodyear, Siemens or Mercedes Benz underline the level of quality and innovation found in ELO products.


For more information on ELO Digital Office please visit us at www.elodigital.com.au/.

ELO Australia launches TRIM conversion tool

ELO Australia has announced the successful launch of its new TRIM migration tool. This development – lead by Australian resources - will now give an opportunity for organisations to migrate from their legacy EDRMS to ELO’s VERS compliant Records Management platform.

“Our newly developed conversion tool finally breaks down a significant barrier for those organisations looking to switch to another EDRMS” said Mr. Rainer Krause, Managing director of ELO Australia. “For example, one of our more recent clients approached me looking to transition from their legacy EDRMS to ELO. The customer - being a healthcare provider - simply couldn’t afford any unnecessary down time. ELO stepped up to the challenge and successfully developed and tested the conversion tool in response.”

Lengthy down times and institutional inertia to change have often been significant barriers to overcome for EDRMS developers. Organisations that have in the past adopted an EDRMS system have often been locked into tightly controlled software eco-systems, often with specialised hardware. In contrast ELO’s approach has been to stay platform agnostic which has allowed the EDRMS developers to access a wider variety of organisations not normally inclined to transition from paper to digital.

Mr. Ramanathan Veeraraghavan, Head of Development at ELO Australia said “Our design philosophy has always been to create real solutions for our clients and not to impose cumbersome processes onto them. We don’t believe in creating proprietary file formats that lock people into our way of doing things. I believe that ELO stands out on its own merits – no gimmicks or tricks. And if our clients require improvements of open architecture, we are there for them. We always strive to be better.” 

Mr. Krause closed, “With all things being equal, what this conversion tool provides is an avenue for any organisation looking to move away from their current system to ELO. We’re giving people a real choice and I’m very proud of that – and my team of course.”

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