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The numerous events we hold and our presence at trade fairs and summits are the ideal communication platform for our customers and those interested in what we have to offer. These include the national ELO ECM professional congress, the regional ELO ECM professional congresses, the ELO Road Shows and our presence at various trade fairs. Information is exchanged, outstanding issues clarified and new possibilities explored. Last but not least, our clients can meet the team of developers, consultants and business partners who form the ELO Community.


Upcoming Events

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ELO organises and participates in a range of exhibitions, road shows, conferences and conventions.

Partners and clients can meet the ELO team and find out from the source, what's new, what's in and what's out.

ELO holds regular Webinars providing insights into specific business processes and current topics. We showcase not only the tailor made ELO solutions but as well current topics around Enterprise Information Management. From Information Access to Workflows to User-friendly Information Flow, ELO Webinars provide fast and comprehensive information.

Regular online training sessions allow administrators, super users and users to be part of the ELO community. Every online training covers specific topics and invite the audience to participate.

ELO Promotions are a good way to save money and time. From "Ready To Go" packaged solution, to temporary price specials or even added values, ELO customers and prospects can always be ensured that ELO Promotions are a greatthing.
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