New South Wales

About Us:

Document Managers has dedicated its entire business processes around your business processes.

Adapting to the way our clients handle their document flows, we help our clients to focus on the value drivers of their business. We take care of the administrative document management.

Document Managers was incorporated in 2008 as a service provider for Remondis, one of the world's leading waste management companies. From this comprehensive scanning job, we developed a service looking after all incoming invoices as well as all outgoing accounts receivable correspondence.

Today our clients work essentially with electronic documents only. What comes on paper is converted to scanned images; what goes out on paper will have an electronic image on the server.

Our quality standards distinguish us from other service providers. Our competitive pricing will never compromise our service levels.

Contact Details:

Level 7, 146 Arthur  Street
North Sydney NSW 2060
Phone: +61 2 9460 0406
Fax: +61 2 8412 0999

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