ELO is unwaveringly committed to providing both its customers and partners with products, document services and solutions that are just right for the size of their organisation. In other words, we have just the right solution for you, whether you're a small business with relatively few employees, a medium sized entity with several hundred workers or a multinational organisation with thousands of staff members.

ELO has exactly the right solution for enterprises of every size. Our products, document services and solutions grow along with you, which means that your Electronic Document Management System will remain perpetually up to date and fully scalable. Moreover, these products, document services and solutions support all relevant functions and can be integrated with other business applications.

Your Entry Level Document Management System

ELOoffice makes daily work both simple and efficient. The software helps to reduce paper flows and enables rapid and efficient information retrieval. ELOoffice has a broad range of functions and is ideally suited for small businesses and individual users.

Simply better organised

ELOoffice is based on the classic filing system with document archives, filing cabinets and registers. This also means that the software can be used right away with minimal training. You can navigate into the application's filing structure with a mouse click, can open folders and browse through documents.

Future-proof and investment protection

The program's import and export functions allow users to transfer documents, folders and filing cabinets back and forth between laptops or upgrade to the larger versions ELOprofessional or ELOenterprise. This seamless product interoperability ensures optimal investment protection in the event of major growth. ELOoffice can also be integrated with other business applications via business process interfaces while e.g. ELO Barcode allows you to extend ELOoffice functionalities.

Ideal for growing, specialised requirements

ELOprofessional is a modular client server solution that is specifically designed to meet the needs of small and medium businesses from 10 to 150 users. The modular architecture of ELOprofessional allows you to tailor the application for the company's Electronic Document Management needs.

Mobilise your company

The numerous modules integrated into ELOprofessional allow you to configure the solution to fit your exact requirements. What's more, the flexible application can be implemented quick and easy. With ELOprofessional, all of your company's knowledge and information can be called from a central database in read-only mode. The application is also highly future-proof, which means that your investment in the software will be well protected. ELOprofessional is a user friendly platform that allows you to display entire project structures as well as customer or billing records with just a few mouse clicks. The software's powerful permissions management system ensures that access to confidential information is tightly controlled. ELOprofessional also allows you to create flexible filing structures with classic filing cabinets, folders and registers. Futhurmore you can choose individually designed icons such as team domains and activities.

Flexible integration with all leading office applications

Due to its service oriented architecture (SOA), ELOprofessional is fully compatible and can be integrated with third party applications such as ERP, CRM, e-Mail-systems as well as with Microsoft Office. Individual services your enterprise may need are consolidated on the basis of general standards.  This in turn greatly simplifies maintenance, updating and customisation of your IT infrastructure.

Our certified business partners will be more than happy helping you

If you'd like to find out more about how ELOprofessional can help your company create value, contact one of our certified ELO Business Partners, who will be more than happy giving you a live demonstration of ELOprofessional.

Architecture that delivers what you need

ELOenterprise is the standout solution due to its scalability, client and cluster capabilities, as well as its interoperability with all leading operating systems. The characteristics and features of ELOenterprise make it ideal for use in large companies and organisations from 100 to 20,000 users. Due to its powerful functions and broad range of configuration options, ELOenterprise is particularly suitable for the management of large amounts of information and an unlimited number of users.

SOA compliance

The fact that ELO's functionalities are realised as standalone services and are based on standard protocols means, that they interact with existing business software in a simple manner. ELOenterprise's service oriented architecture (SOA) allows for optimal integration of ELO ECM functions with your specific business processes.

Robustness combined with outstanding availability

ELOenterprise was developed specifically for demanding tasks in large enterprises and delivers an outstanding level of performance, that supports a high level of scalability and availability.

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