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Enterprise Content Management (ECM) encompasses all functions for efficient management and control of the entire company knowledge. This knowledge is in the minds of employees and in the most diverse business data and document formats. ELO ECM solutions are designed so that they assemble the respectively relevant content, business processes and people precisely in terms of efficient processing.

Minimize risk and increase competitiveness

The service-oriented architecture (SOA) of ELOenterprise enables optimal integration of ELO ECM functions in the company-specific business applications. ELO manages the business logic independently of the available application logics. The focus is on the business process. This ensures that the elements of your overall IT structure communicate with each other and can exchange information securely.

Full integration into Microsoft Office

ELO DMS Desktop is available for the integration of the ELO repository into the Microsoft Office world – Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel – as well as Lotus Notes. It is available as a free extension of ELOenterprise. The program offers users direct access to their ELO repository in the most popular Office programs. Users can continue working in their familiar environment.

Our partners are by your side

If you are interested in additional benefits offered by ELOenterprise and what additional value ELO can bring your company, simply schedule a presentation with one of our certified ELO Business Partnersat your company.

Your benefits with ELOenterprise

  • Highly scalable for efficient management of large data volumes and numbers of users.

  • Multi-client enabled. Several clients are served without them being able to view one another’s data or user management.

  • Cluster capability for high availability using server environments running in parallel.

  • System-independent for compatibility with all operating systems.

  • Comprehensive e-mail management. E-mails are processed, archived and managed in coordination with process links and state provisions. They reduce company costs and save resources.

  • Quick, seamless and powerful integration in the existing IT landscape with innovative modules such as ELO Business Logic Provider.



Invoices, forms, orders, general letters or e-mails: nowadays companies receive information in widely differing forms. Powerful mechanisms are required for handling, capturing and managing the mass of information.

Let the IT work for you

ELOenterprise offers flexible technology which adapts to the daily requirements of the company’s information management. What used to be laborious manual work is performed quickly and automatically by ELO.

Intelligent information processing

ELO DocXtractor, which specializes in processing large quantities of documents, processes all types of incoming documents (invoices, forms, orders, etc.) fully automatically. It analyses paper documents or digital documents independently and automatically extracts data which is important to the content for the following processes.

It has a wide range of use, thus, for example, the receipt of invoices can be completely automated with downstream posting. Important document data such as position, invoice numbers, etc., is independently extracted from the system. This results in significant savings in time and costs. With the ELO DocXtractor II classification module, for example, the average processing time for an incoming invoice is reduced by around 60-70%.

The ELO DocXtractor Module II is self-learning and not linked to rule-based algorithms. This provides the customer with high flexibility for informational processing.

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