ELO Office: An Introduction to electronic archiving and DMS

  • Legally compliant archiving
  • Simple operation and familiar work environment
  • Quick retrieval
  • Ideally suited for small companies and freelancers

The user-friendly ELOoffice 10.5 DMS software helps you speed up your processes, simplify your daily work load and increase your productivity in the long term.

Simply better organized

The ELOoffice program structure is based on analog filing systems that includes repositories, files and folders. This makes using the software possible without time-consuming training. Users can navigate in the file structure, open folders and leaf through documents with the mouse.

Investment protection and future viability

The import/export function offers the option to easily exchange documents, or even entire folders or archives with laptops or the larger versions ELOprofessional and ELOenterprise. This guarantees cross-product compatibility, protecting your investment for the future growth of your company. In addition, ELOoffice can be integrated into other business applications, such as with the commercial Sage application. Modules expand ELOoffice functionality.

Filing & retrieval

ELOoffice provides you with outstanding search functions, which save valuable working time. The central component is a powerful database, which enables documents to be retrieved in an instant, even with large volumes of data.

Schnell Wiederfinden

Fast retrieval

ELOoffice lets you define your own storage and search forms. For an invoice, for example, users can enter the invoice number or project number in the index form, and find the invoice again later with this exact information.

Automatic keywording

The user defines zones, which can contain for example invoice numbers. The OCR then automatically reads the zone on the invoice, and copies the values and the assignment into the keywording form. This function speeds up document filing considerably.

Extensive full-text search

In addition to the search in the keywording, ELOoffice also includes a full-text search for terms contained in the body of the document. Found locations can be highlighted in color, as required, for rapid orientation.

Information capturing
Email archiving
System Requirements
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