Successfully Optimising Business Processes with ELOprofessional

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems allow companies to electronically archive and manage business documents and information. They provide you with all the functions you need to effectively manage, quickly access, and securely control information across their entire life cycle.

Work faster and more effectively, save costs, and increase security.

An ECM system provides a central knowledge platform that bundles all information (paper-based and digital) and makes it immediately available to all employees on demand.

Information Capture

Successful ECM begins with reliably capturing documents and information. ELOprofessional efficiently processes paper-based and electronic documents.


Scan client included

A powerful scan client integrated in ELO supports all common scanners equipped with a TWAIN interface. Its intuitive wizard allows you to create scan profiles and define processing checks, image optimization routines, etc., with ease. Alternatively, specialized scan clients such as Ascent Capture can also be used. The end result: perfect capture results for reliable downstream processing of data.

Easy barcode-aided processing

Many processes can be streamlined with the help of barcodes, which is why ELOprofessional offers a module called ELO Barcode. ELO autonomously reads the barcodes and allocates the documents to the correct workflow process accordingly. This helps to significantly speed up your business processes.

Reduce costs through automated capture

The ELO DocXtractor II classification module automatically captures, indexes, and distributes structured and unstructured documents (invoices, letters, e-mails, forms, etc.), resulting in major cost savings. The following modules are offered:

  • ELO DocXtractor II Invoice for automated invoice processing,
  • ELO DocXtractor II FORM for automated form recognition, and
  • ELO DocXtractor II MAILROOM for automated inbox processes.
Form-based Workflows

Benefits of ELO Enterprise Content Management

  • The transfer (information capture) of documents and information into the electronic ELO repository provides the basis for central and fast access to information.
  • ELO can convert a broad range of industry-specific documents (contracts, e-mails, invoices, etc.) into an electronic record. Business cases are transparent and easy to track.
  • E-mail archiving ensures that your e-mails and their attachments are linked to existing business processes and are stored according to legal compliance provisions.
  • Electronic workflows control corporate processes across department boundaries and help guarantee the timely and reliable processing of business cases.
  • The change history of every document is documented and managed in ELO. This provides a secure and well-structured environment that greatly facilitates teamwork.
  • A DMS repository is ideally suited for storing all business-relevant information in a legally compliant manner.
  • ELO can be flexibly integrated into various business applications, such as ERP, CRM, CAD, and e-mail systems or into Microsoft Office products, resulting in a central information platform.
  • For more detailed information and product highlights, please refer to the ELOprofessional brochure or simply contact your nearest ELO business partner.
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