At ELO, we pride ourselves on our innovative and reliable Products, document services and solutions that provide customers with exactly what they need. As an ELO customer, you profit not only from our robust and future proof technologies, but also from our outstanding support with respect to all aspects of the solution we provide you with. This means that the ELO team stands ready to help you in any way possible.


An effective plan is half the battle

Our expert consultants are there for you when it comes to planning your project, implementing your hardware and software services, and everything in between.

Technical support

Our support team provides swift and expert support in the event you experience a problem with an ELO product or any application.

Online and traceable support is available at

Knowledge is power

The ELO training program ensures that all of our partners and personnel always have the most up to date skills and information and are familiar with current market needs.

The ELO support team stands ready to answer any questions you may have about ELO's Electronic Document Management products, including the latest solutions to technical problems. Also, as an ELO customer, you enjoy the benefit of improved program functions thanks to our program updates.

In order to be able to help you quickly and efficiently, we need specific information about your query. To find out exactly which information you need to supply, consult the relevant product pages. This information provides the basis for solution oriented support and ensures that you will receive a rapid and accurate response to your query. It is also essential owing to the wide ranging application domain of ELO document management software and the consequent complexity thereof.

Contact information

Go to and check our FAQ and Knowledge Base.

If you can't find the answer lodge a help request and we'll be back to you quickly.

Queries regarding ELOprofessional or ELOenterprise please contact the ELO-Business Partner responsible for the installation.

Our consulting and services unit provides our partners with technical support, and assists companies with project planning and realisation processes. Our consultants also provide our ELO business partners with coaching and expert advice in connection with the realisation of complex tasks.

Our consultants create a detailed solution in collaboration with the customer. This ensures that all of the document management products, services and technologies that we provide to our customers are used successfully, productively and efficiently.

Sound know-how in the service of your success

At ELO, we're strong believers in leaving nothing to chance. Hence, our consultants are also directly responsible for defining the content of the product training programs we provide for our business partners. Our consulting team is made up of experts that have extensive experience in their fields.

ELO consulting services at a glance:

  • Support for projects for new partners or larger scale projects

  • Installation, implementation, training and support around Australia and internationally

  • Train the Trainer approach for customers and partners

  • Review and support for the elaboration of organisational management solutions, including process documentation

  • Process documentation

  • Coaching for project managers and team members

  • Workshop facilitation

  • Process analyses and optimisation

  • Support for key account projects

ELO expertise at a glance:

  • ISELOS - Industry Specific ELO Solutions for

    • Mining

    • Mining Safety

    • Real Estate Management and Trust Account Systems

    • Waste Management Systems

    • More.....

  • SAP ArchiveLink / ContentServer, Business Workflow

  • IBM Lotus Notes / Domino

  • Microsoft Exchange (ELO XC)

  • ELO IndexServer, Java & Portlet development

  • ELO DocXtractor, intelligent documentation classification

  • ELO Business Logic Provider

  • Clustering, high availability, performance, data backup, data security, and much more

  • Integration of third party systems

  • Standardised or customised training courses and workshops


Investments in training programs pay dividends in the form of enhanced staff motivation, performance and expertise. As a modern, forward driven company, ELO is unwaveringly committed to providing both our staff and partners with training. Knowledge is power no matter which field you work in, the more you know the more flexibly and efficiently you can act, and the easier it becomes to identify new opportunities.

The supreme importance of training

ELO staff and partners are our calling cards. Any vendor that wants to remain competitive in today's market must ensure that its staff have the latest knowledge and methods at their fingertips so they can work in an optimally efficient manner. Training courses are the simplest and most efficient way to connect valuable skills and knowledge to all concerned. ELO training courses provide an excellent balance of technical know-how and the requisite practical skills. In the final analysis, well trained staff members are more motivated, enhance organisational efficiency and reduce costs.

Register for the latest in ELO Training Courses

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