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In theory, a problem can have several highly technical solutions. But at the end of the day, all that counts is which solutions work in practice.

ELO believes in developing products, document services and solutions which can be experienced and used by you, the customer, in order to advance your business. After all, all companies want to increase their profits.

Processes should be made transparent and optimised in order to successfully support your business. Of greatest importance in this is understanding the individual requirements of the respective industries and companies. It is the only way to ensure that your investment is protected. We build on partnerships with solid futures for and with our customers to ensure joint success.

Integration of Applications

IT Harmony Safeguards Your Future
A company may have many IT systems. ELO can function as the core of many different corporate applications, linking business critical applications to a central knowledge platform.

It is important that the link is seamless and that communication between ELO and the various systems runs smoothly. Flexible interfaces which are all based on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) ensure this. Only an integrative IT set-up can bring the desired success and security for the future.
CRM Integration
ERP Integration
E-mail Integration
Portal Integration

IT Topics

Issues Which Move Us to Act

Important issues relating to the business world and its optimisation. It is clear to managing directors and IT managers that they must grapple with matters which will make it possible for their companies to reduce costs while increasing innovation and security.

At the end of the day, we all want an IT infrastructure with a high degree of flexibility for new applications in order to reduce the complexity involved in linking processes and to increase our profitability.

In this chapter you will find issues that are current and are a concern of all who work in the Enterprise Content Management / Electonic Document Management System arena.

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Knowledge Management
Collaboration Management
Compliance Management
Service-Orientated Architecture

Application Scenarios

Holistic Thinking
In today’s IT world, there are complex demands involved in linking different corporate applications with an Electronic Document Management System. Ideally, the software should be flexible enough to follow the business process.

Together with our business partners, ELO believes in understanding your customer requirements and business processes so that we are in a position to map your different requirements. By doing so, your business can be designed to be quicker, more productive and more efficient.

Based on our product family, ELO can provide you with numerous different modules and interfaces for satisfying almost any requirement.
Invoice Processing
Inbox Processing
Records Management

ECM Functions

Seamless Integration Into Your Processes

When introducing an Enterprise Content Management / Electronic Document Management System, a holistic approach should always be taken to ensure longevity and sustainability. The most diverse kinds of requirements must be fulfilled depending on the size of the customer, the industry and the solution area. In doing so, it is important that the software is adapted to the needs of the customer or business process and not the other way round.

Open system architecture in the sense of service-oriented architecture is a basic precondition for this. ELO is based on open standards such as SOAP and XML, thereby making it simple to integrate it into existing and often heterogeneous infrastructures. After all, an Enterprise Content Management / Electronic Document Management System should never be an isolated solution. It is part of the organisation's core application.

As a central corporate repository for all of the different kinds of business applications, such as ERP, CRM,  e-mail and portals, ELO efficiently supports you, the customer, in all areas of your value-added processes.

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