Document Management

Practically every business and administration process comes with a multitude of documents. Whether in paper or electronic form, documents contain important information needed for daily business. Commercial success depends to a high degree on efficient document management. However, it is precisely in this area that there are still too many deficiencies - information is often incomplete and it takes too much time to gather the missing details. Or important documents or information are not accessible as they have been stored by colleagues in personal folders, e-mail directories or some other archive. This results in unnecessary additional work. An electronic document management system (DMS) such as ELOprofessional can remedy this situation.

With just a few mouse clicks you can set up a shared project structure, customer or invoice archive which is available to all. Efficient authorisation management controls access to confidential information. There is also the option to encrypt sensitive documents such as personnel files, management reports, etc. There are no limits to how you might choose to organise your archives. It can be done conventionally along the lines of a typical cabinet with folders and registers or based on individually created symbols such as team areas, activities and problem requests.

Integration into leading applications

The benefits of a document management system begin with the consolidation of all documents related to a process, regardless of their origin or format. For these purposes, ELOprofessional can be integrated into a multitude of third-party applications, such as CAD, ERP or e-mail systems and also Microsoft Office products. For example, an invoice sent as an e-mail attachment can be saved in the invoice archive while a logical copy of it is also placed in the corresponding project folder.

Thanks to automatic keyword indexing, all other project members can also find the newly filed documents immediately. Another positive aspect of this is the simplicity of uploading paper
documents. They can be uploaded using a scan client integrated into every workstation and available file structures can be transferred into ELO by simple drag & drop. If the information is being archived in the ELO archive structure first of all, then it is even simpler to manage it. The user can use a mouse to page through the customer/project files. The integrated display function shows instantly and conveniently almost every document format. There is an almost limitless repertoire of administrative functions supporting this, ranging from personal filters, dynamic registers and an individual display, to file views grouped as defined by the user and the automatic exclusion of obsolete documents.

Platform for teamwork

As big an advantage as a document management system may be for individual work, its biggest benefits can only be seen in the context of teamwork. Processing steps must go hand-inhand with each other and you must be certain that you are working with the original document and not a copy. Thanks to sophisticated version management, ELOprofessional ensures that there are never any conflicts when changes are being made to contracts, logs or project offers. ELO version management keeps full logs of what was modified, by whom, and when. This makes it possible to compare current versions with older ones and to access them at any time. The takes and activity function is also helpful in this context, reminding you of documents and processes that have yet to dealt with and even monitoring external activities. For example, if a rental agreement is due to expire in 2009, ELOprofessional ensures you receive an automatic reminder of this accordingly, along with information on a possible contract extension. This makes it possible to integrate individual documents into team processes.

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