ELO eForms

Convert your paper based forms to ELO eForms and never worry about missing documents, too much printing or incomplete information.

With ELO eForms you can reduce your paper consumptions to an absolute minimum and be assured of auditable workflows whatever your business needs are.

Whether you need to track submissions for incidents, time sheets, technical service requests or leave forms; just convert your word based forms into ELO’s eForms.

Automate your staff or customer on-boarding by converting your current cumbersome forms into browser based eForms and you don’t need to worry about time consuming data entry.

You can achieve all this by simply using ELO’s eForms.


How does it work?

Our team of experts reviews your current forms (Paper, Word, PDF forms) and suggests a conversion solution. Once you decided what business process you’d like to enhance, ELO will create the respective eForm.

With its unique submission tool, your eForms will be submitted directly to ELO and – together with all the data – will file the document into the right place and – if you want – can start an automated and auditable workflow immediately. All submitted eForms will be fully searchable and you’ll never miss a step in your approval process.

E.g. simply fill in a purchase / requisition eForm and submit it to ELO. The embedded ELO workflow will analyse the data and will rout your request to the next approval stage.

And even if you need an actual signature, just ask the ELO team for a “Print & Submit” eForm.

ELO eForms cater for all your paper based forms.


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